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Please find below all of our frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered? Not to worry, head over to our contact page to get in touch and we will be happy to answer.

Is anyone eligible for Careline?

Yes. Anyone can have a Careline alarm as long as you have a landline telephone and live in the South Somerset District Council area. If you don’t have a landline a Smart Hub might be suitable.

Do I have to be referred?
No, just contact us by using the contact us section or by email if you are interested and would like to find out more. It’s really easy to refer, see our Referrals page, contact us here or phone us on 01935 479815 to find out more. We are happy to take referrals from any agency including friends, family, neighbours, carers, hospitals, social workers and GPs.
Is there a minimum contract length when signing up?

No. There is no minimum contract length, although we ask all of our clients to give a month's notice if they no longer require the alarm

How do I arrange a free demonstration?

Simply contact us here or phone us on 01935 479815 to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration. If you like Careline we can get you up and running right away.

What is a Smart Hub and how can I get one?
The Smart Hub Careline Unit works for customers without a landline. Using future proof smart technology you will be connected to our call centre at the touch of a button. The service costs £5.80+VAT per week. To find out more call us on 01935 479815 or email
Is it right I can get a free smoke detector as part of the service?
as a Careline South Somerset customer you are entitled to a free fire safety check? Thanks to our partnership with Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue service we can also install smoke detectors for free. These detectors connect with Careline so you can have peace of mind as we know how easily accidents can happen.
What happens if I can’t hear the call operator?

If we can't hear you or you can't hear us when you press your alarm, we will call you by phone. If you don't answer we will call your emergency contacts or the emergency services. We will always act on every call we receive until help is on its way.

What is the signal range of the pendant?

Up to 50m, but we will always test the pendant range for your property and garden when we visit.

How do I know if I’m exempt from VAT?

Many clients are exempt from VAT due to illness or disability. We will discuss this with you when you call or at your demonstration.

Is Careline South Somerset accredited?

Yes, we are a member of the Telecare Services Association (TSA), our membership number is TSA216

Do you phone up asking for my bank account details?
If anyone calls asking for you bank details HANG UP. We will not asking for your bank account, put the phone down and call us on 01935 479815 or press your button