Careline South Somerset

Careline is an emergency response system for people who need reassurance that help is at hand at the push of a button 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Scam Calls. We are aware of people calling customers asking them to provide their bank details or the service would be disconnected. PLEASE HANG UP


Careline Unit



South Somerset Careline is an emergency alarm comprising a red button worn on the wrist or around the neck, and a small alarm unit that plugs into your electricity socket and phone line.

Operated by South Somerset District Council, Careline provides peace of mind and helps maintain the independence of your elderly or frail loved ones at the touch of a button - all you need is a phone landline and we will do the rest. We install alarms from Chard to Wincanton - right across South South Somerset.


"My mother stayed independent right up to the last 2 weeks, thanks to Careline, thank you for all you did."

"As I now live alone it gives me confidence in the home."

"I can now go into the garden on my own knowing I can get help at the touch of a button."

"The few times I have used the Careline in an emergency they have been fantastic." "Thank you for your system, it was a real security knowing mum was safe."

Scam calls

If anyone calls asking for your bank details HANG UP. We will not ask for your bank account - put the phone down and call us on 01935 470815 or press your button.

Digital Shift

By 2025, analogue telephone services will be switched off as the UK’s telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital connectivity. This change will affect everyone who uses a landline telephone and therefore will affect our customers as our Careline alarms connect via the telephone line.

Visit the TSA website for more details on the digital shift.

Careline Unit

How it works


The Careline alarm unit plugs into your electric socket and telephone line. We will visit you to install the alarm, and once it is installed it is ready for use straight away.

We now offer a safe and easy self-installation option. View the video tutorial here

The easy to use system works in 3 steps:

Step 1: press the red button on your pendant or wristband and the base unit immediately connects to our 24-hour response team Step 2: an operator will answer your call and contact either your nominated key holder or the emergency services if they are needed Step 3: help will be with you as soon as possible.

For more information, view and download our Careline leaflet.  


Using Careline


You can use your Careline pendant for all sorts of reasons:

  • for when you are feeling unwell and think that you may need a doctor
  • if you’ve fallen over and can’t get up 
  • when you just need some reassurance

Whatever the reason, Careline is always there for you to use. Once you press the red button we will always act to make sure the correct help is on its way.

Careline is used by all sorts of people. From older people living alone to younger people who may feel isolated or vulnerable; from families living in a remote area to couples who want some extra independence. Whatever the reason, Careline is there for you day and night, 365 days a year.



Careline Hire and Monitoring  - £4.10 per week. Connection fee - £35.50 (one-off fee). The one-off Connection fee is waived if on certain benefits. We also offer the following services to Careline users: Keysafe and Installation - £49.00 incl. VAT this is the ideal solution if you accidentally lock yourself out or need a neighbour or service provider to have access to your home while you're away.  Comfort Call Service - £1 per call  

For the comfort call service we will call you on a regular basis, providing extra reassurance to you and your family that you're safe and well.

The above prices are subject to VAT, unless eligible for VAT relief due to long-term illness or disability. 

A full list of our prices is available here Careline price list 2021-2022

Telecare items we also offer are available here.

Introducing the new Smart Hub
For only £5.80+VAT per week the new Smart Hub Careline Unit works for customers without a landline. Using future proof smart technology you will be connected to our call centre at the touch of a button. To find out more call us on 01935 479815 or email 

Discharged from Hospital?
If you are being discharged from hospital you will receive Careline for 6 weeks free of charge. Please ask your hospital to refer you when you are discharged. The installation fee is waived if you are on any of the following: Income Support, Pension Credit, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, Universal Credit.




Yes. Anyone can have a Careline alarm as long as you have a landline telephone and live in the South Somerset District Council area.

No, just contact us by using the contact us section or by email if you are interested and would like to find out more. We are happy to take referrals from any agency including friends, family, neighbours, carers, hospitals, social workers and GPs.

Call us on 01935 479815, email us, or use the contact us section to arrange a free, no-obligation, demonstration.

We do. A full list of products and services is available by clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can give us a call for more information.

If we can't hear you or you can't hear us when you press your alarm, we will call you by phone. If you don't answer we will call your emergency contacts or the emergency services. We will always act on every call we receive until help is on its way.

Up to 50m, but we will always test the pendant range for your property and garden when we visit.

Many clients are exempt from VAT due to illness or disability. We will discuss this with you when you call or at your demonstration.

We are a member of the Telecare Services Association (TSA), our membership number is TSA216

No. There is no minimum contract length, although we ask all of our clients to give a month's notice if they no longer require the alarm.





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  • Unless given instructions to do otherwise, we will contact them/this person directly to arrange an appointment.
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